Promotion and Distribution of your Listing

Automatically get your listings in front of thousands of buyers.

Real Estate Listings Syndication

As soon as you turn ON your single property site, your listing data will be syndicated to all the most important online real estate search sites.

Our partners will also send your listing data to their partners and this means your property gets great exposure to all sorts of niche markets.

Each day our syndication partners come to SPS and automatically import all your listing data and add it to their own databases so that consumers who are searching for properties will find it.

There's nothing for you to do. It all happens automatically as soon as you publish your listing site.

Each of your listings will be syndicated to the appropriate partner sites - for example Residential Real Estate may be treated differently from Commercial Real Estate or Vacation rental Property.

Rapid massive exposure.

This is a powerful message to present to potential Clients in your Listing Presentation!

Automated Tweets

When you connect your Twitter account, an automated Tweet will be sent every time you publish a property site.

Facebook Audience Pixel

If you advertise on Facebook then you can add your Facebook Audience Pixel into your property sites to generate your own custom audiences.

Automatically Syndicate Listings to Zillow, Trulia and others

Real Estate Property Syndication

Once you've completed your Single Property Site, it's a simple and instant process to syndicate your listings to Zillow and Trulia. SPS Property Marketing makes it easy to submit all your listing information to these key real estate portals.

Just select Zillow / Trulia in the wizard, and SPS takes care of the rest.
It just takes a few seconds!

Your listing - along with all its information and photographs - is formatted and sent automatically to Zillow and Trulia. Buyers on the site will see your contact information and a link back to your complete Single Property Site so they can contact you with ease.

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