MLS and Virtual Tour Links

Use the Property Website as your Property's Virtual Tour Virtual Tour Link

SPS is an approved Virtual Tour provider for®

It's easy to make your Single Property Site the Tour link on your listing.

Homestore operates, and they have Virtual Tour linking service which is designed to enhance the visibility of your listings by linking a virtual tour to it.


When you add your Single Property Sites as the virtual toru link, listing will appear when people choose to "Display listings with virtual tours first."

According to Homestore, listings with virtual tours receive 40% more views than listings without a virtual tour. So you're gaining advertising visibility for your seller and your listing, along with pre-qualifying more buyers.

Linking Benefits

  • Your listing on links to your Single Property Site. Because your Single Property Site is the Virtual Tour link from, you will gain maximum personal promotion benefits as every consumer will see your branding, photo and contact information!
  • Your contact information is now shown with your tour! This means that the person viewing your listing (and your tour) can now contact you via phone, email, pager or even be directed to your website by using the links and information displayed on your Single Property Site that's linked to your listing.
  • Viewing statistics count too! Since your Single Property Site will stay on our servers, we can count all of the views your tours get on! And we include this on your Viewing Statistics page which you can view in real time and even share with your sellers. More proof for you to have for sellers of the effectiveness of your Internet marketing strategy!
  • Visibility. Your listing will appear when customers search for homes with virtual tours on REALTOR.COM, and the "spinning red house" icon will appear near the top of the listing indicating that it has a virtual tour.
  • Pay per tour. Any Realtor can take advantage of this service - you do not have to have a REALTOR.COM Showcase Listing Enhancement service account in order to gain personal promotion benefits on REALTOR.COM. And if you just want to highlight your virtual tours on REALTOR.COM occasionally, you can use this PicturePath linking service only on those occasions.
  • Increased Distribution of your tours. Homestore's distribution network has agreements in place with many national franchise gateway sites (e.g.,, portals such as, and several websites for local real estate companies, etc. This distribution network allows your tour to be automatically linked to the listing data sent to the appropriate sites on this distribution list. Click here for a complete list of distribution sites.

Unbranded Virtual Tour Links For Your MLS Listing

SPS automatically creates an unbranded version of your Property Website that can then used as the virtual tour link for your listing in the MLS.

Unbranded Tour links comply with the following MLS rules and requirements:

  • No promotional information: No agent branding no office branding, no logos, no 3rd party promotions etc.
  • No external links to other internet sites or resources
  • No Agent contact information or email links to agent

Every Single Property Site you create has the ability to be displayed automatically without branding if that is required by your MLS.

See the Listings Promotion section when you EDIT your site for details on how to use this special link.

MLS compliant Virtual Tour Link

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